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Are you trapped in a never-ending circle of eye bags and concealer? Does it feel like no matter how much sleep you get, people notice that stubborn and ever-present dark area under your eyes? While lack of sleep is one possible reason behind your under-eye bags, there are many other possible causes. It could be your genetics, pesky allergies, an unhealthy diet, or maybe life stressors!

Do prominent dark circles run in your family? It may be a result of inherited traits that darken the skin under your eyes. If deep eye sockets, eczema, and allergies all run in your family, then you likely have more defined eye bags. Deeper eye sockets cause shadowing under the eyes, making the eye bag area even darker.

Eczema can cause the blood vessels under the eyes to dilate, darkening the skin under the eyes. The histamines that trigger allergic reactions can dilate your blood vessels as well. Additionally, pollen makes you rub your eyes more frequently, damaging the blood vessels in the delicate skin under the eyes, causing them to show through and darken the area.

In cases where your under-eye bags only become noticeable later in life, this may be due to thinning skin and weakened under-eye tissues, making the blood vessels more visible and the eyelid bags more prominent.

Aside from genetic causes, diet and habits can be a factor leading to your eye bags. If you tend to eat foods with large amounts of salt, then fluid accumulation underneath your eyes may lead to a more fatigued appearance. Conversely, inadequate intake of water can cause the skin under your eyes to look dull. Social habits, including smoking and excess alcohol intake, may also contribute to the formation of under-eye bags. Other potential causes include sun exposure, stress, and not removing or aggressive removal of makeup.

Although there are many great options for treating your under-eye bags, the best way to keep prominent dark circles from forming is to first follow preventative measures. Simple actions such as improving sleep, using sun protection, finding healthy ways to reduce your stress, drinking less alcohol, quitting smoking, choosing your makeup carefully, and gently removing your makeup will all reduce your chances of forming eye bags. You can try using more pillows to elevate your head to prevent the buildup of fluid, using a cold compress, reducing salty foods intake, and gently removing makeup every time it is applied. For hereditary or age-related eye bags, and if preventative measures are insufficient, the best solution may be medical treatment.

Often, a medical consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon is warranted to find a definitive solution. Medical treatments include prescription-strength creams, bleaching agents, chemical peels, laser therapy, fillers, and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

If you are searching for products that make your dark circles look better or want to determine the best course of action to finally get rid of your eye circles, we can help. Schedule your consultation today and discover the best way to achieve the look you have been desiring!

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