Enhanced Comfort and Peace of Mind With Dry Eye Treatment

Patients choose New York Eye & Face for its elegant, boutique offices, personalized concierge care, and the expertise of our skilled oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Anaïs Carniciu. From start to finish, your visit is seamless, stress-free, and efficient. We use cutting-edge laser solutions for safe, gentle relief from the discomfort of dry eyes.

Dr. Carniciu is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and develop a flexible treatment plan.


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How Does BBL Therapy Work?

Controls inflammation – BBL therapy soothes and cools inflamed regions, minimizing the factors that contribute to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). 

Stimulates the Meibomian glands – BBL light therapy helps to emulsify the oils that clog the meibomian glands, enhancing the overall health of the tear film and preventing recurrent styes.

Fights bacteria – BBL light has remarkable antibacterial properties that can be harnessed to reduce eye irritation symptoms and promote ocular balance.

What Is the BBL Dry Eye Protocol?

The BBL Dry Eye Protocol is our bespoke laser solution, pioneered by oculoplastic specialist Dr. Carniciu for dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction. The BroadBand Light (BBL) therapy involves a gentle, rapid, and safe session that delivers focused pulses of light to the lid margins. Using BroadBand Light (BBL) technology, our signature dry eye treatment offers a non-invasive and painless alternative to chronic eye drop use, freeing you from the tedious cycle of warm compresses. This treatment can also be used for early styes and can prevent the formation of future styes in patients who suffer from blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) and clogged eyelid oil glands.  

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What Factors Might Disqualify Me From BBL Therapy?

While most patients are good candidates for BBL therapy, it might not be ideal for everyone. Our team will conduct a detailed consultation to determine the best options for your goals. BBL may be contraindicated under the following circumstances:

  • A history of skin cancer
  • On certain medications such as Accutane
  • Open wounds
  • Pregnancy or nursing
  • Certain skin types

What Happens During the Procedure?

Since BBL treatment is virtually painless, there is no need for numbing cream or injections. Your eyelid skin is first cleansed to remove all makeup and lotions. Contact lenses are placed to protect your eyes from the laser pulses. Next, a cool, clear gel is applied to the eyelids. Your physician will then administer the BBL energy to your eyelids to treat the inflamed skin and rescue the clogged meibomian glands. The light passes feel like a warm wave on the skin. The entire session lasts about 10-15 minutes.  

What Can I Expect After My Treatment?

There is no downtime after our BBL Dry Eye Protocol. Sunscreen and sunglasses should be worn after the procedure, and prolonged direct sun exposure should be avoided. Our patients typically experience more comfortable, clearer eyes as soon as 4-6 hours after the procedure. Each session resolves dry eye symptoms up to 25-40% from the baseline. Multiple sessions are needed for best results. Most dry eye patients require a series of 3 sessions spaced at 2-to-4-week intervals, followed by a touch-up session every 6 to 12 months.

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Why Choose Dr. Carniciu for Dry Eye Treatment in Westchester, NY?

Dr. Carniciu created New York Eye & Face as a sanctuary for discerning patients seeking elegant, natural-looking outcomes performed in a boutique practice setting. Dr. Carniciu is a board-certified oculoplastic specialist who insists on personalized attention and individualized treatment plans. She is painstakingly precise when it comes to medical procedures yet never aloof. On the contrary, Dr. Carniciu is known for her compassionate, empathetic demeanor and her ability to quickly set even the most anxious patients at ease. Dr. Carniciu is the only oculoplastic surgeon in the area to be certified by the prestigious ASOPRS (the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), an elite organization that requires extensive Fellowship training and exhaustive written and oral examinations to vet its members. Only 750 surgeons in the world are certified by the ASOPRS Oculofacial Society. This industrious training background, paired with a singular focus on oculofacial procedures, sets Dr. Carniciu apart as a superior choice for anyone seeking expert dry eye treatment in Westchester, NY.

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