Natural-Looking Mid-Face Lift Results

Dr. Anaïs Carniciu at New York Eye & Face is certified by the elite ASOPRS (American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), ensuring among the highest quality mid-face lift results Westchester has to offer. She insists on natural-looking outcomes that are perfectly tailored to the patient’s unique goals and wishes. A mid-face lift can restore youthful vitality as well as a more positive self-image.

The doctor did a beautiful job on my surgery and I am very happy with the results.  The team was very patient with my multiple questions, never seemed rushed, and gave me all the necessary information I needed to feel comfortable with the procedure. I highly recommend them, and feel I made an excellent choice and would certainly choose NY Eye & Face again if ever I needed additional treatments.


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What is a Mid-Face Lift?

A mid-face lift, also known as a cheek lift, is a minimally invasive surgery that can elevate and tighten the lower eyelid and cheek region. This procedure differs from a forehead lift, which elevates the brows. It is also separate from a facelift, which elevates the lower face and improves the jawline. Mid-face lift surgery results in an improved lower eyelid position and function as well as cheek repositioning that leads to enhanced facial fullness. This surgery is an excellent option for individuals whose goal is to restore a more youthful appearance without sacrificing their natural beauty and individuality.

What Are the Advantages of a Mid-Face Lift?

  • Corrects the under-eye appearance
  • Improves facial symmetry
  • Tightens the midface skin and tissue
  • Reshapes and revitalizes the cheeks
  • Combats loose, sagging contours
  • Minimizes nasolabial folds
  • Enhances facial definition and youthfulness
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Minimally invasive
  • Inconspicuous scarring
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What Happens During My Surgery?

This procedure is typically performed in an outpatient (non-hospital) setting under IV sedation and local anesthesia injected in the eyelid and cheek. Patients are able to go home the same day of the procedure. The surgery itself takes approximately 45 minutes. A small surgical incision is hidden in the outer corner of the eyelid. The rest of the incision is invisible and is created on the inside of the eyelid to give access to the cheek below. The deeper cheek tissues are repositioned with specialized sutures to elevate the mid-face. The incisions are then closed with sutures and are minimally visible once healed.

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What Can I Expect From the Recovery Process?

Mild bruising, swelling, and tenderness are typically side effects after a mid-face lift. You will be asked to periodically apply ice on the operated area for the first 2-3 days after surgery. Dr. Carniciu recommends resting and recuperating at home for 7-10 days. Thereafter, most patients can return to work, provided their jobs are not physically demanding or strenuous. Heavy exertion and makeup use should be avoided until Dr. Carniciu gives you the green light. Once healed, our patients enjoy a natural improvement in their lower eyelid position, cheek fullness, and overall midface appearance.

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Why Choose New York Eye & Face in Westchester, NY?

New York Eye & Face is a cutting-edge boutique practice where patients enjoy concierge care and elegant, natural-looking outcomes. Dr. Carniciu’s precision, meticulous attention to detail, and empathetic approach are the ideal combination for patients seeking aesthetic excellence in a state-of-the-art setting. No question or concern is ever too trivial for Dr. Carniciu to address in depth. Dr. Carniciu’s formidable professional background includes certification by the prestigious ASOPRS (the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). As one of only 750 members worldwide and the only member locally in Westchester, Dr. Carniciu adheres to the highest standards of aesthetic excellence and artistry. ASOPRS members must undergo rigorous Fellowship training and countless hours of written and oral examinations. This impressive education coupled with her exclusive focus on facial procedures has established Dr. Carniciu as a leading authority in the field of oculoplastic surgery.

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