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The importance of sunscreen has been stressed since we were 3 feet tall. As children, our slightly overbearing mothers would not let us leave the house without a thick layer of sunscreen (of course, the highest SPF she could find) slathered all over our faces. Comically, the rest of the day was carried out with a slightly ashen appearance and a distinct smell that made so many dread the process-- but, no surprise here, your mother was right! Sunscreen is incredibly important!

Sunscreen, in shielding from damaging ultraviolet radiation, is proven to be one of the best ways to prevent discoloration, wrinkles, premature aging, and skin cancer. Premature aging, also called photo-aging, is common in people who spend a lot of time outside, particularly when they are young. This gives the skin a leathery appearance over time. Wearing sunscreen and reapplying is the best way to prevent this! In addition, sunscreen protects us from those pesky burns that are very VERY painful. Repeated burns can also lead to skin cancer over time. If this is not incentive enough, wearing sunscreen does not have to be like it was when we were younger! The newest mineral sunscreens from advanced skincare brands are delicate on your skin yet offer powerful results.

Adding a sunscreen with SPF 30+ sunscreen to your daily routine has been shown to help with lessen some of these negative side effects from sun exposure. Here at New York Eye and Face, we offer a variety of advanced sunscreen products to help block those harmful UV Rays. One of the lines that we offer is ISDIN's award winning facial sunscreen. This product comes in both tinted and untinted versions, and has actually been shown to reverse existing sun damage while preventing new harm to the skin. Another popular line that we carry is skinbetter science. Skinbetter's sunscreen comes in a whopping SPF 75 and offers advanced protection while also being free of oil, parabens, fragrances, and dyes. Skinbetter also can act as a primer, making it easy to add into your daily cosmetic routine. Skinbetter is considered to be “medical grade skincare” and is thereby only sold through a doctor's office. In addition to offering products from ISDIN and Skinbetter, we also highly recommend the range of sunscreens from Alastin skincare. Our patients rave that Alastin's multitasking tinted SPF takes the place of their normal moisturizer and foundation.

To go about purchasing any of these sunscreens, visit our office or online shop!

Dr. Carniciu's Facial Sunscreen Picks: https://shopmy.us/collections/34428

skinbetter science: https://www.skinbetter.com/?businessPartner_id=0000250152&replika_param=eyJtZXJjaGlkIjoiZjM2MzI1ZDU3MDAxYWI2ZTI4ZWNjZTMxNTY1MmY3OWQiLCJ1c2VyaWQiOiIyNjA3NSIsImJvYXJkaWQiOiIxODg2MDk4IiwidHJhY2tpZCI6IjEyNzU3OSIsImlzc2hvcHVybCI6InRydWUifQ%3d%3d#register

Alastin: https://alastin.com/collections/welcome?designate-location=18259

ISDIN: https://www.isdin.com/en-US/shop-by-concern/?src=professional&utm_source=doctors&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=COM_US_Refer_NA_W_ISD_USDocAf_CONV_NYE_NA_NA

Wearing sunscreen does not need to be a hassle! With such amazing new products, helping your skin has never been easier!


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