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The Subtle Beauty of a Lip Flip

If you're considering a change to enhance your lips, you may have come across the term "lip flip." This elegant procedure has been gaining attention for its ability to subtly enhance the appearance of the lips, offering a natural and refined look. In fact, in this recent piece, our very own Dr. Carniciu offered her insight and perspective on this increasingly popular procedure. We love helping our patients navigate the ever-changing landscape of helpful procedures, so together, let’s explore the unique benefits of a lip flip, the process involved, and why it's becoming a popular choice for those seeking a delicate enhancement.

Understanding the Lip Flip

A lip flip is a delicate procedure involving injecting a small amount of neuromodulator, such as BOTOX, into the upper lip muscles. This injection relaxes the muscles, causing the lip to gently roll upward, resulting in a fuller and more defined appearance. Unlike lip fillers, which add volume directly to the lips, a lip flip works with the existing lip tissue, creating a subtle yet noticeable enhancement.

Benefits of a Lip Flip

A lip flip offers several unique benefits that make it an attractive option for those looking to enhance their lips:

  • Subtle Enhancement: The lip flip provides a subtle and natural-looking enhancement, gently accentuating the shape and fullness of the lips without adding significant volume.
  • Enhanced Definition: By relaxing the muscles around the upper lip, a lip flip can create a more defined and shapely appearance, adding elegance and sophistication to your smile.
  • Natural Results: One key advantage of a lip flip is the ability to achieve natural-looking results that complement your facial features without the risk of over-augmentation.
  • Minimal Downtime: The procedure is minimally invasive and requires little to no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities shortly after the treatment.

The Lip Flip Process

The path to a lip flip starts with a consultation with Dr. Anaïs Carniciu, a qualified and experienced oculofacial plastic surgeon. During this session, Dr. Carniciu will evaluate your facial anatomy, discuss your objectives, and determine the most appropriate approach for your lip enhancement.

Once you've chosen to move forward with the lip flip, the actual procedure usually only takes a few minutes. Dr. Carniciu administers the injection with precision, targeting the specific muscles around the upper lip to achieve the desired subtle lift.

Recovery and Results

Following the lip flip procedure, you may experience minor swelling or redness at the injection site, which usually subsides within a few days. You can expect to see the full results of your lip flip within a week as the muscles gradually relax, allowing the upper lip to gently roll upward, creating a more defined and elegant appearance.

We’ve Got You Covered

At New York Eye and Face, under the guidance of award-winning, board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Anaïs Carniciu, you can trust that your lip flip procedure will be performed with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Dr. Carniciu's facial aesthetics expertise ensures you will achieve natural-looking results that beautifully complement your features.

If you're considering lip enhancement and desire a refined and natural-looking result, a lip flip may be the perfect choice for you. Consultation with a skilled oculofacial plastic surgeon is the first step towards uncovering the subtle beauty of a lip flip and embracing the positive changes it can bring to your appearance and self-confidence.

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