Mid-Face Lift


What is a Mid-Face Lift?

A mid-face lift, also known as a cheek lift, is a minimally invasive surgery that can elevate and tighten the lower eyelid and cheek. This differs from a forehead or brow lift (elevates the brows) and a face lift (elevates the lower face and improves the neck line). The surgery results in improved lower eyelid position and function as well as cheek repositioning and fullness. This surgery is an excellent option for individuals whose goal is to restore a more youthful appearance and seek a natural looking result.

The Surgery :

This procedure is typically performed in an outpatient (non-hospital) setting under light anesthesia consisting of IV sedation and local medication injected in the eyelid and cheek. Patients are able to go home the same day of the procedure. The surgery itself takes approximately 30-45 minutes. A small surgical incision is hidden in the outer corner of the eyelid. The rest of the incision is invisible, and is performed on the inside of the eyelid to give access to the cheek below. The deeper cheek tissues are repositioned with dissolvable sutures to elevate the mid-face. The incisions are closed with sutures and are minimally visible once healed.

What to Expect After Surgery :

Bruising and swelling is typical after surgery and peaks in the first post-operative week. You may have a pressure patch over the operated area for up to 1 week. We recommend remaining home to recover for the first week. Thereafter, most patients can return to work. During the recovery period, heavy exertion and makeup use is avoided. Once recovered, our patients note a natural improvement in their lower eyelid position, cheek fullness, and a more youthful mid-face appearance.