Internal Brow Suspension (Browpexy)


What is Internal Brow Suspension (Browpexy)?

An Internal brow suspension, or “browpexy,”  attaches the brow to a higher position using sutures placed through an incision hidden in the eyelid crease. This procedure is effective for mild to moderate forms of brow droop, and is particularly effective for enhancing the outer arch of the brow.


The Surgery:

This procedure is performed through the same upper blepharoplasty incision that is used to remove the excess skin and fat, making it an excellent complimentary procedure for rejuvenation of the eyelid area. Dissolvable sutures are used to suspend the brow in a higher position. With browpexy, patients undergoing upper eyelid blepharoplasty require no additional incisions, which reduces surgery time and the risk of scarring. The suspension sutures dissolve after a few months, once the brow has already settled and reattached in the desired, elevated position.

Internal brow suspension usually takes approximately 20 additional minutes to perform at the time of upper lid blepharoplasty.


What to Expect After Surgery:

Bruising and swelling is typical after brow surgery and peaks in the first post-operative week. We recommend remaining home to recover for approximately one week. Thereafter, most patients can comfortably return to work. During the recovery period, heavy exertion and makeup use is avoided.