Asian Double Eyelid Surgery


What is Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

Asian double eyelid surgery creates a crease in the upper eyelid. With this higher crease, a more visible natural space (an eyelid “platform”) is made, thereby giving the appearance of larger, brighter eyes and reducing the full appearance of your eyelids.

The Surgery :

This procedure is typically performed in an outpatient (non-hospital) setting under light anesthesia consisting of IV sedation and local medication injected in the eyelid. Patients are able to go home the same day of the procedure. The surgery itself takes approximately 45 minutes on average. A surgical incision is carefully constructed for the individual’s desired appearance at the height of the new eyelid crease. The particular shape of the crease is discussed prior to surgery, and the incisions are designed with the crease outcome in mind. Sutures (“stitches”) are passed to securely hold the eyelid crease in its new position. In certain cases, this procedure can be customized with additional skin and eyelid tissue removal in order to achieve each individual’s unique aesthetic goals. In all cases, meticulous surgical planning ensures the proper closure and function of the eyelids post operatively.

What to Expect After Surgery :

Bruising and swelling is typical after eyelid surgery and peaks in the first post-operative week. Early swelling often can cause the lid crease to appear different from your actual final outcome.  We recommend remaining home to recover for approximately one week. Thereafter, most patients can comfortably return to work. During the recovery period, heavy exertion and makeup use is avoided.  Once recovered, our patients often tell us their eyes appear more “open” and brighter, while still remaining true to their natural appearance.